About Meteoro

About Meteoro / the universe of Mezcal

Mezcal is the best kept secret of Mexico and the most ancient distilled spirit in America. mezcal can derive from several varietals of agave, most of them grown in the wild in different regions of the land.

in the state of oaxaca alone, at least 22 varietals are used to produce mezcal, of which the espadín is the most widely used.

Much like it happens with wine, varietals have very distinct properties that will yield an incredible array of flavors and aromas. terroir and the hand of the “maestro mezcalero” also play a fundamental part in the characteristics of the end product.

Meteoro is made from 100% agave espadín.

about Meteoro / the origin

mezcal meteoro fell from the sky on february 2014

mezcal joven (young)

made of 100% agave espadín (agustifolia haw)

45% alc. vol.
denomination of origin
produced and bottled in oaxaca

meteoro is hand crafted

by maestro mezcalero petronilo rosario altamirano
in las margaritas, oaxaca, mexico.

strictly using the traditional method of
authentic oaxacan mezcales.

About Meteoro / the process

agave hearts are cooked in an earthen pit oven for over
a week.

the roasted hearts are crushed with a round stone,

drawn by a mule on a “tahona”.

naturally fermented in wooden vats for a couple of weeks.

double distilled in copper pot still.